Sometimes all you really need is someone around that recognizes how hopeless everything is.

Upon cursory examination, Remy Boydell’s graphic novel 920London seems like a distinctly modern project. Something that could only have come out the past decade or so. A nostalgic love-letter to the Myspace-era, Hot Topic and the goth-inspired music scenes of the 00s. Anthropomorphic “furry” imagery with a decidedly DeviantArt aesthetic. Frank, unapologetic discussion of gender dysphoria and queer romance and despair.

However, one of the first books that came to mind when I read it was the anarchic Dennis Cooper/Keith Mayerson 1996 collaboration Horror Hospital Unplugged. I found echoes of other contemporary work such as Kevin Thomas’s enigmatic 1994 one-off…

What kid has never dreamed of building a robot? All the kids who actually had friends of course, but there were still a lot of us in the “I need to build friends” camp. The Boy Scouts official magazine has published variations on their own personal home-built scrap metal Frankenstein, which they call GISMO, since the 1950s. Looking over its evolution is really bleak.

GISMO1: The Death Trap

WELP for the first time since 2016 I am jumping directly into the discourse about a pop culture event slightly ahead of the game (which I did twice).

For the record, I seem to be the only not-edgelord that believes the gay-bashing scene at the beginning of the movie is completely appropriate. With an important caveat that I will explain.

For the record, here is my full review of IT: Chapter 2 —” I genuinely deeply enjoyed… 90% of it. The jolting non-sequitor use of Juice Newton’s “Angel Of The Morning” was especially tedious because Deadpool already did that particular…

Stranger Things is a show about nostalgia. But like most nostalgia pieces it is a remix and a pastiche of its’ influences. And there are plenty. Season 3, the goriest but also most sentimental season, owes heavily to The Thing specifically and in general the work of 1980s Steven Spielberg when it comes to character development.

However, sometimes their influences are not worn so clearly on their sleeve. Now I have to admit, when I first came up with this idea I misremembered that there was a gigantic slime monster that sucked the joy out of people in the movie…

“Why is nobody talking about the mouthfeel?”

Show of hands, who likes Girldick? That’s what non-profit webhosting company Girldick Hosting, catered to transmisogyny-experiencing individuals, would like to know. The first thing you notice in the site documentation is the dick jokes. They have a support twitter, which is also full of dick jokes. Their logo looks like a sort of Greek letter with erectile dysfunction.

I honestly had no idea so many gender-ambiguous dick jokes, stripped of association to men’s bodies and attitudes, were possible.

Girldick Hosting is a not-for-profit (subsidized by a for-profit company) web host operated out of…

“…and it was wearing underwear.”

“Boxers or briefs?”

“Tighty whiteys, like I used to wear,” she says.

A dramatic pause: “I transitioned last year.”
The X-Files Season 10, Episode 3

Because that is totally how trans women talk.

I hadn’t really attempted to catch up on the new X-Files until recently and…were the characters always this cartoonish? Along with the trans woman sex worker that also *sigh* happens to be on crack, there’s a crusty old Freudian psychologist with an Eastern European accent and a skeezy motel manager literally drinking isopropyl rubbing alcohol from the bottle.

A few years ago, FOX aired a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, subtitled Let’s Do The Time Warp Again. I’m not averse to the idea of seeing it, but I’m not going to go out of my way either. Not for any particular reason politically, just simply because the original is so clearly and deeply rooted to a particular time period it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to update it. I’ll have more on that in a moment.

The main (and only) thing I need to know about the remake is that it showcased front and…

Ohio Governor and former Presidential hopeful John Kasich caused quite a stir among the Religious Right political base for not quite toeing their party line about homosexual pastry.

This is what counts as “religious freedom” debate–a conspiracy of confection, poised to pancake their precious pâtisserie, cutting down Prop 8 into petit fours.

Back in the far gone days of the 2016 election, Governor Kasich appeared at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. He was there to participate in the weekly public affairs program “American Forum”, hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winner Douglas Blackmon. …

If someone had told me in the late-‘90s that the far-right would galvanize on the internet, rallying around video games of all fucking things, I would have prayed for Y2K to end it all.

Despite the current narrative, gaming was hardly a hobby exclusively by and for obsessive dudes with transparent anger issues. Game designers had long recognized the medium as capable of presenting deeper messages and topical metaphor–the notion that games have always existed as a pristinely apolitical escapism is an anachronism and, frankly, boring.

Many of these games are references to the Suffragette movement of the early 20th…

Let Me Die A Woman, 1977

Let’s not kid ourselves, Doris Wishman’s Let Me Die A Woman is porn. But it’s porn with a shocking amount of earnestness and poignancy worth examining.

“What you are about to see is a true sex act performed by a man and another man who emotionally thinks and acts like a woman… the penis and testicles are clearly shown.

I’ve had this movie sitting on my hard drive since before I had bottom surgery myself. I intended to do a review of it for my ongoing series of articles about trans representation I was releasing mostly in 2016…

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